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Nurturing the Body-Mind Connection:

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often overlook the intricate relationship between our physical bodies and our minds. To truly understand this connection, let's break it down:

Happy mind leads to happy life
Happy mind leads to happy life

The Physical Body:

Think of your physical body as the bridge that connects you to the outside world . It acts as a machine , where sense organs acts as interface between mind and the outside world.


Consider the mind as the software that processes all the incoming data from your senses. Within the mind, there are several components:

Manasu : This is like the operating system, governing your thoughts and actions.

Buddi (Intellect): Think of this as the code that assesses whether a thought is positive or negative, based on data from the next component.

Chittam (Memory): This functions as a database, storing all the information received through your senses.

Ahankaram (Ego or "I" Consciousness): This is both a startup and background-running process, shaping your sense of self.


Emotions are the outcomes of your Ahankaram (Ego) and are expressed through your senses, effectively serving as your user interface with the world.

Embracing Inner Positivity: Ensuring a Great Start of the Day Regardless of External Circumstances

Every night, before your mind transitions from wakefulness to sleep, it's fed with various inputs—perhaps a conversation with a loved one, knowledge from a book or TV program, or personal reflections. These become the last thoughts of the day and are stored in your Chittam.

Upon awakening in the morning, your mind perceives the world as if from a third-person perspective, recognizing itself as a distinct entity from the external world. The "I" consciousness (Ahankaram) retrieves the last thought from your Chittam, which then triggers a chain of subsequent thoughts.

If the last thought is positive, this positivity cascades through your thought process, setting a positive tone for your day. Conversely, if the last thought is negative, it can lead to a chain of negative thoughts, affecting your day's energy.

Given that we can't always control external circumstances, it's essential to cultivate a positive start to each day. Before bed, engage in activities that don't involve the external world, such as reading uplifting books, listening to soothing music, meditating, sharing positive stories with loved ones, or having deep discussions unrelated to worldly matters.

By making this a habit, you can ensure a positive beginning to your day, regardless of external circumstances. Remember, it's within your power to influence the energy you bring into the world each morning.

Smiling cup in the early sun rays
Great start of the day

Tip of the day:

By understanding the connection between our body and mind, and by consciously choosing to start our day with positivity and intention, we empower ourselves to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace. Remember, it's not always about controlling external circumstances, but about mastering our internal state. So, embrace the power of a positive morning routine, and watch how it transforms your day, one sunrise at a time.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, as we unlock the secrets of our body-mind connection and cultivate a positive morning ritual, we gain the strength to face the world with unwavering positivity, regardless of the external situations we encounter. The journey to a great start of the day begins within us, and by nurturing our inner world, we can radiate positivity outward, making each day a masterpiece of our own creation. So, rise and shine, embrace the power of your mind, and greet each day with a heart full of optimism. Here's to a lifetime of great beginnings!



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