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Secret Of Success - Understanding It Scientifically

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Formula for Secret Of Success image
Work done = Force * displacement

We will try to understand the secret of success scientifically using this formula:

Work Done = Force * Displacement

This is a basic formula in physics where this calculates how much work is done.

Work Done = Force * Displacement. While this formula may seem like a straightforward mathematical equation, its applications can reveal profound insights into the journey towards success whether if it's physical work or smart work.

Firstly, let's consider the concept of displacement in the context of the three states of matter: solids, liquids, and gases. When a force is applied to a solid, it results in a certain displacement. Similarly, applying the same force to a liquid yields a slightly greater displacement, and even more displacement is observed in gases. This observation highlights a fundamental principle: as matter becomes finer and more subtle, the potential for displacement increases.

Here we wonder thinking that this applies only for the physical workers as how much physically they do they gain in return as success but what about the smart workers who's main caliber is in utilizing their mind. Even this is applicable for the smart workers too ,surprising right.

Firstly we will try to understand ,why this could be applied for the smart workers too.

With our physical brain , we are able to comprehend mind or manasu right. In every day world we talk like 'Today I'm low' or 'My mind is disturbed' or 'I'm happy'. These all represents our state of mind or manasu. Which means our brain is able to comprehend this which we can't see it but we can feel it. So now we are sure that even that's a physical entity but subtle even compared to gaseous state. So we could apply this physical sciences formula for this too.

Now, let's implement this to our mind, specifically the subtle body or "manasu." Can we quantify the displacement when the same amount of force is applied to this subtle entity? It's challenging because, in its subtlety, the mind's work done cannot be easily graphed or measured. However, we often see in our lives that when we wholeheartedly commit ourselves to a task, the results often surpass our initial expectations.

Now lets get into the matter: the secret of success

The key revelation here is that if we genuinely love the work we do, our mind becomes deeply involved in the process, much like the finer states of matter that exhibit greater displacement.

Even in Bhagavath Gita, Arjun with heavy heart appeals Krishna saying that

'Manasihi bahu chanchalam Krishna'

which means manasu or mind is not at all constant ,it weavers all the time. If we observe closely even Krishna doesn't say 'NO'. So we are sure that the displacement for manasu or mind is more. Now we can use this high displacement for a single thought.

Scientifically we can understand it in this way.

Manasu or mind as it's subtler so the displacement is higher compared to the three states of matter.

Now here the force is unwavering desire to achieve it.

Target is desire.

Here if we have an unwavering desire and if the manasu or the mind has the displacement only on this specific thought then work done is obvious.

Ok will explain it in detail ,how this leads to Secret Of Success:

"As Thoughts lead to Words,

Words lead to Actions,

Actions lead to Deeds"

Generating thoughts is the starting point, and these thoughts are often born from our desires. It's essential to discern whether these desires are wise and aligned with our purpose.

An illuminating example comes from Einstein's thought experiment, "Chasing the Light." At the age of 16, Einstein imagined chasing after a beam of light, a thought experiment that played a pivotal role in his development of special relativity. This experiment demonstrates that profound insights can emerge from the simple act of contemplating and chasing after ideas.

Now we have to decide on which thought we have to act up on.

Our mind has a desire and generates a thought , first and foremost we need to analyze if this is a positive thought or a negative thought.

  • Positive thought is nothing but simply it's a free flowing thought. That is if our mind generates this thought and if the mind doesn't create any other thoughts to oppose this thought then it's a free flow thought or a positive thought.

  • Negative thought is if a desire is created and based on that if a thought is generated. But if this thought is been opposed by some other thoughts which are again generated by our mind or so this thought isn't free flowing .So it's been opposed by some other thoughts. So this could be considered as a negative thought.

Here we will dig a little deeper by analyzing it through the concept of energy.

It's known that

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be converted from one form to other.

Here if the mind generates a positive thought , then here the displacement of the manasu or mind is mostly on this particular thought with the force of unwavering determination ,so all these energies are not been obstructed by any other thought's. Here all these energies will be converted and so will be returned to us in the form of success.

If the mind generates a negative thought , that is the manasu is displaced not only on this thought but also these other opposing thoughts too ,so here on this thought the displacement is less compared to the positive thought and the energies are also distributed, on the thought initially generated and on the opposing thoughts. So here may be the energy used to convert the initial thought could be nullified by the opposing thoughts or may be these opposing thoughts are opposing so vigorously. So these opposing thoughts energies are converted and we get a negative result as the displacement of manasu is more in the opposite direction compared to the displacement of the initial thought.

So now we understand that picking the right thought is the first step towards success.

May be that's the reason too , why Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says to Arjun

Your duty is to work and leave the results to me(the Ultimate)

Here if we can understand this as , we have to work on a thought and if we think about the results , the mind would be worried and could generate the thoughts like, can we achieve it ? or are we eligible to achieve it , so on and so forth.

So here again this thought of work is been objected by these doubtful thoughts .Which means this thought of work is now not a free flowing thought as these energies are again not single pointed and distributed. So we have to just nurture the right thought and just work up on it without even bothering about the results. As success is guaranteed as per these scientific explanations too.

In essence, the secret of success lies in cultivating a deep passion for what we do, nurturing our thoughts, and allowing them to lead us to transformative actions and deeds. Success is an inner journey fueled by genuine love for our endeavors, and it's not something to be sought externally. It's a profound realization that echoes through the ages, from the pursuit of science to the pursuit of our personal aspirations.

heart , mind , soul for success
Secret of success

Finally , we can conclude here regarding the secret of success

Indeed, at the core of our endeavors, what we're all striving for is success in our lives. This achievement is within reach when we harness the power of the right thoughts and act upon them with wholehearted dedication. As we've explored, the subtlety of our minds, akin to the finer states of matter, allows for remarkable displacement when we fully commit ourselves to a purpose. So, it's simple, isn't it? The secret to success lies within us. The path is illuminated by our passions, guided by our thoughts, and fueled by our unwavering commitment. The time to act is now—there's no need to wait any longer. Let's leap into the journey of pursuing our dreams and aspirations with a wholehearted spirit, for it's through this pursuit that we unlock the boundless potential of our subtle bodies and pave the way to the success we seek.



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